Ron Mueck por David Hurlston

Ron Mueck por David Hurlston

Titulo del libro: Ron Mueck

Autor: David Hurlston

Número de páginas: 192 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: August 5, 2011

ISBN: 030017683X

Editor: Yale University Press

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David Hurlston con Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck (b. 1958) is known for his extraordinarily lifelike sculptures of people in fragile, naked states: a postpartum woman, a crouching, cornered man, and, perhaps most famously, the body of his dead father. Mueck plays dramatically with scale; a newborn baby, with traces of afterbirth and blood, looms impressively over viewers, measuring sixteen feet from crown to foot, while a spooning half-clothed couple would fit easily on a coffee table. In each case, the amount of detail-individual pores and dimples, hairs and blemishes-is uncanny. The figures are disconcerting and yet impossible to resist. Mueck's obsessive attention to detail and craft has its beginnings in his early days as a model maker and puppeteer for films like Jim Henson's Labyrinth. It was in 1997, when noted dealer Charles Saatchi discovered Mueck's work and included his sculpture Dead Dad in the groundbreaking Sensation show, that Mueck began to attract international attention. Today, the artist's sculptures are some of the most widely acclaimed, prominent, and identifiable works of contemporary art.Produced in close collaboration with the artist, this beautifully illustrated book is the first to provide a comprehensive look at Mueck's work to date. The book offers detailed insight into the artist's ideas and methods and features a catalogue raisonne. Essays by leading scholars highlight the depth of his practice and further affirm Mueck's importance.